Turn All Your Dust Into Gold

September 7th, 2010

This article by Wu De (Aaron Fisher) helps us look into things a bit more clearly, dusting off old scrolls and books on magic to see if there is something to the old schools of Alchemy.

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Teaware Trends and an Intimacy with Objects

September 7th, 2010

This well-written article by Jennifer Sauer uncovers the many facets, ancient and modern, of teaware and our relationships to the objects we treasure in our quest to prepare better tea, as well as our journeys through life.

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Gong Fu Tea Tips, Issue 8

September 7th, 2010

In this issue we explore one of the greatest possible shifts on the road to mastery of Gong Fu tea.

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How Will I Know When My Tea is Ready?

September 7th, 2010

This is a wonderful article by Josh Chamberlain, who may be a newcomer to The Leaf but definitely not to tea. There’s great wisdom in here.

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Steeped in Solitude

September 7th, 2010

Another insightful and scholarly article by our own Frederick R. Dannaway: this time on Eastern eremitic traditions and their relationship to tea.

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The River of Tea

September 7th, 2010

This is a great, old article from our great-grandfather’s day. It was written by Elijiah Scidmore, published in 1889. It’s available here through Cornell library’s The Making of America project. We know you’ll enjoy this treasure from an old trunk in the attic.

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In the Zendo Eight

September 7th, 2010

Let us return to the Zendo: for a bit of hushed tea, and inspiration. This article is written by Thomas Leons, Wu De (Aaron Fisher), with a special guest appearance by Adam Yusko.

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Fallen Leaves, Issue 8

September 7th, 2010

We continue our series of tea-related fiction with a tale you might have heard, though not like this one.

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Questions and Answers, Issue 8

September 7th, 2010

We receive a lot of questions by email all the time, and thought it was time we answer some of them publicly.

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Discussion of Issue Eight

September 7th, 2010


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This issue's poetry:

A place to escape to

When one cannot ease one's cares

in the mountains.

The hut beneath the pine

within the city.


—Toyohara Sumiaki




You can never discern the quality of tea by merely contemplating its flavor or sniffing its aroma.


    —Lu Yu—




In all circumstances serenity of mind should be maintained, and conversation should be so conducted as never to mar the harmony of the surroundings. The cut and color of the dress, the poise of the body, and the manner of walking could all be made expressions of the artistic personality. These [are] matters not to be lightly ignored, for until one has made himself beautiful he has no right to approach beauty. Thus the tea master [strives] to be something more than the artist—art itself. It [is] the Zen of aestheticism. Perfection is everywhere if we only choose to recognize it.  


    —Kakuzo Okakura —




All of us who study chanoyu, through that practice, aim towards actualizing respect and harmony among people. At the same time, through the same practice, one's self and body are polished and reflected upon, and one's mind is brought to a state of clarity. Genuine peace, peace without discrimination, achieved through a bowl of tea—this is what I pray will be accomplished through the Way of Tea.  


    —Sen Soshitsu Hounsai Iemoto—



Do not gulp the tea but sip it slowly allowing its fragrance to fill your mouth. There is no need to have any special attitude while drinking except one of thankfulness. The nature of the tea itself is that of no-mind. It does not discriminate and make differences. It is just as it is.   


    —Pojong Sunim, a Korean tea master, quoted by Stephen Batchelor—








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