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Have a sip and a talk about Issue 4 and any current news about The Leaf.

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  1. admin Says:

    As you can see, our effort to begin translating our library of Ming tea texts has begun thanks to your support. Special thanks to our master of classical Chinese, Aaron Davis.

    To encourage you to continue to support this project and others like our idea of sharing tea samples with readers, as well as in response to many people emailing asking for a printed copy, we’ve decided to send some fine tea and a printout of the current issue when you help support The Leaf. All moneys will be used for The Leaf and/or spreading tea culture.

    We currently have almost 10,000 readers from 100 countries! Amazing!

  2. DANIEL Says:

    Where can I see the progress of translating Ming tea texts? and What’s Ming tea? Does it has a Chinese name?

    I googled it out as a name of famous band. Haha

  3. Says:

    So far we only have translated the one text available in this issue. We are currently raising the funds to translate two others.

    From an article I wrote for a Malaysian magazine:
    “Lu Yu noted that leaves that were picked early were what he called “Cha (?)” and the later flush “Ming (?)”, borrowing terms already well-established during his time. After the initial leaves were picked, the second growth would be stronger and juicer as a result of the stress the first harvest had put on the plant. This second flush was of much higher quality, flavor and texture and valued the most by true connoisseurs. The use of these terms no doubt predates Lu Yu, exemplifying that the cultivation and appreciation of tea had already been refined greatly by the time that he began his studies. Eventually, tea connoisseurs, emperors, artists and the intelligentsia alike, would all be asking if the tea was “Cha” or “Ming”, perhaps demonstrating that even in his own lifetime Lu Yu had become respected and renowned even by the Dragon Throne itself.”


  4. admin Says:

    sorry Chinese characters didn’t come through…

  5. John Grebe Says:

    Is there supposed to be an article in this issue called “Tea or Coffee; To Each His or Her Own”? It was talked about on other sites but doesn’t seem to be here.

  6. admin Says:

    There was some miscommunication regarding this article and its source and it had to be removed. We apologize for the mistake. It was a good article, but we had no choice but to take it out.

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