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Issue 1

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20 Responses to “Issue 1”

  1. admin Says:

    Welcome everyone!

  2. Charles Says:

    I saw the link to this site on the newsgroup, where commercial advertisement of any sort (even free sites) is usually flamed down quickly. I’m glad I took the time to check out your first issue — it’s abundant with exactly the sort of information a passionate traditional tea drinker like myself spends lots of time scouring the internet for.

    I look forward to seeing future issues!

  3. Jacob Genauer Says:

    Thanks so much! I look forward to future issues. Any word on how often you’ll publish?

  4. Alfi Says:


    the web has pretty big problem with Opera web browser - it displays very bad in it.

  5. admin Says:

    Charles—Thanks for coming and it is our intention to keep this free in every way, in the real spirit of tea. And in that way be free to voice anything, no matter how controversial–calling out improper vending, misinformation, etc.

    Jacob— It is my intention to do this every two months or so. However, as I am donating my time, money and energy the schedule will not be set in stone :)

    Alfi– I’m sorry. I only tested the site in Explore and Mozilla, so I’d suggest one of those

  6. iwii Says:

    Thank you very much for your involvment into tea education. Your work is appreciated.

  7. MarshalN Says:

    Alfi: What version of opera do you use? It seems ok to me.

  8. Ellen Says:

    Lovely magazine- thanks so much for bringing this information and ideas to us .
    A suggestion I would offer would be to take the time to look at your articles using several different browsers and monitors. Your magazine style layout is lovely, but when I magnify it enough to be readable on my monitor it becomes cumbersome to scroll up, down and then sideways, then up and down again to read the article.

    The single pages are easily read and look beautiful, but the double, side by side pages are tricky to view- one is forced to choose between viewing the beautiful layout or reading the text. I can’t do both at once with my old monitor and middle aged eyesight.

    Thanks again for the beautiful magazine!

  9. admin Says:


    My good friend Marshal already suggested this idea of doing the articles in single-page format. It is definitely something to consider for issue 2. It is a matter of losing the beauty of the layout photographically for more convenience when reading. I see both sides. Perhaps you both are right and convenience is more important.


  10. Katrina from Tea Pages Says:

    What a wonderful service you are providing by creating this magazine. I was ecstatic to see names known to me and new teachers in your list of authors. I look forward to learning a great deal through your writings in the future. Thank you.

  11. Yiwu Says:


    Superlative. At last a journal which allows one to go beneath the surface into the depths and riches of the way of tea.

  12. Ulrike Says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful journal. I´ve been searching a long time for something with so much information and especially love for tea :-)

  13. Diane Says:

    How wonderful to have this gracious, informative magazine! I loved it all. But I totally agree with Ellen about the layout. Although I understand about the fine picture display, I think they could be integrated in a single page design. When I display a single double page now, I really can’t appreciate the pictures fully, as they are so small. When I blow them up, they lose their integration with the text.

    I admire your wish for this to be free. But I wonder if in a bit, you might set up a ‘donations’ button for Paypal. Many of the high quality bloggers do this, and it helps defray their costs. With as wonderful issue as this, I think people would be glad to donate a bit.

    Best of good fortune with this venture! It has made my life brighter already.

  14. admin Says:

    Enough of you are saying that you don’t like the spreads for me to seriously consider removing them in issue 2. It is hard because the designer in me, used to magazine/book layouts, is crying “NO” inside, so I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. But I see now what you mean about the pics being too small or too big. Anyway, I promise we absolutely will consider this hard and long for issue 2 and apologize for the inconvenience in this first issue.

    your brother in tea

  15. Julian Says:

    Simply awesome! Keep up the good work!

  16. Julian Says:

    Hmm… your pdf file wont’ print, is that deliberate?

  17. admin Says:


    It sure is. Check the “about us” page and you’ll understand :)

  18. Rachel Says:

    This magazine is very beautiful and has such great information.

    I really do wish I could print it, though. I understand your reasoning, but when reading articles like this, I prefer to read them on paper. Sometimes my eyes can get a little fuzzy if I stare too long at a screen.

    Perhaps you can set up a system where if someone makes a donation, they can gain printing access.

    If you’re torn between having a beautiful or functional layout, you may want to consider having both. I know some websites publish digital publications as a widescreen layout and a single page layout. This way, everyone wins.

  19. Tony Says:

    This magazine is AMAZING! It made me feel like I was seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, and breathing in it! Such a wonderful experience!

    BTW…is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with the video links (just audio working for me)? Hope to see more video clips though. Perhaps a Master’s demo of Gung Fu?

    Gung Hei Fat Choy!

  20. admin Says:

    Apparently, others are having issues downloading the videos. Anyone have any suggestions for easy sites I could put them up on for downloading? Unfortunately, the sound quality of the recording isn’t that good.

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