Recreating Legends with Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu recently remade the legendary Red and Blue Mark cakes of Puerh.


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3 Responses to “Recreating Legends with Zhou Yu”

  1. Jason Fasi Says:

    The article gives good insight into Zhou Yu’s philosophy of pu’er and tea in general, but I’m left wondering how he chose his leaves: what did he find in each young tea that he thought would in time become or approximate the flavors, hui gan, cha yun, cha qi, etc., that he finds in red and blue label? I’d like to know what he picked. 🙂

  2. admin Says:

    As you may or may not remember from when you stayed here, Zhou Yu is a Qi drinker like yours truly. He focuses almost exclusively on that. Beyond that, the Yun he appreciates all usually relate to comments about the throat and saliva. I’m not saying he ignores flavor, as the article said this trip was more informative than all my decades of travel in Yunnan because I went with 2 of my teachers (the other you didn’t meet–next time maybe) and they worked magic, but he focuses on Qi. It was amazing to see him label hundreds of teas–even after hours of drinking–better than the labels that were written on them!

    My teacher or no, and absolutely no affiliation, these will be the first newborn Puerhs I myself will purchase in the last long while.

  3. Scott Markman Says:

    What a great article. I will certainly be looking for these two new born beengs to taste.

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