Gong Fu Tea Tips with Master Ling Ping Xiang

Each issue Master Paul Ling will give us some brewing advice.     


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6 Responses to “Gong Fu Tea Tips with Master Ling Ping Xiang”

  1. Jason Fasi Says:

    Sensible advice to alter the mindset while approaching brewing tea. I hope in future articles he reveals both philosophical and practical methodological ways to improve our gong fu.

    Also, the author of the piece isn’t named here. I assume it’s you, ADF?

  2. admin Says:

    I did indeed write this article, brother. He is, after all, my teacher. I think the intention is to proceed down both of the avenues you suggested.

  3. admin Says:

    P.S. Jason check out the artwork section of the main website. I added a video of Master Lin’s talk from the Fourth Annual Southeast Asian Puerh Trade Fare. The sound is awful (what can you expect from a handheld) but it still has some good info—just need to turn it way up.

  4. kimsum Says:

    This article was really really interesting. I was drinking a high grade Pi Luo Chun tea very excitedly for the first time and i understood everything he said. And, seeing this coming from the word of a tea master did make my tea taste better. Something about concentrating on your cup, trying to discover everything about it, just brought a sense of peace and happiness.

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  6. af432 Says:



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