Lu Yu; Soul Man by James Norwood Pratt

This excellent piece is an introduction to Lu Yu and through him the history of tea itself. It really makes you want to set the kettle on the stove right away.


Romancing the Leaf by Aaron Fisher

Explore the differences between plantation tea and that which comes from trees, focusing on issues that relate to ecologically friendly farming, vending and purchasing.


Puerh Allows Us to Go the Long Haul by Chen Chih Tung

Teacher Chen helps clarify the Puerh market for us each issue, applying his extensive knowledge to an understanding of Puerh tea in all its facets.


China’s Legendary Green Teas by Mary Lou Heiss

Learn all about the creation and processing of these inspiring teas.


Recreating Legends with Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu recently remade the legendary Red and Blue Mark cakes of Puerh.


Gong Fu Tea Tips with Master Ling Ping Xiang

Each issue Master Paul Ling will give us some brewing advice.     


The Conscientious Tea Consumer by Thomas Leons

Join Thomas for an experienced discussion concerning how to face the modern tea market.


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This issue's poetry:

Times for Tea

By   Hsu Tzu Shu  


In idle passing

When poetry fails to inspire

Thoughts confused

In time to a song

When the music is finished

A life in seclusion

Enjoying the scholarly life

Conversing late at night

Studying on a sunny day

In the bridal chamber

In honor of favored guests

As host to scholars or pretty girls

Friends return from far away

In perfect weather

When skies are overcast

Watching boats sail by on the canal

Amidst trees and bamboo groves

When the flowers blossom and the birds sing

On hot days by the side of a lotus pond

Burning incense in the courtyard

After tipsy guests have retired

When the children are out

On visits to remote temples

Near a spring or scenic landscape


Translated by Aaron Fisher 









Editor in Chief

Aaron Fisher



Jeffrey McCloud

Thomas Leons

Erick Smithe

Ethan Thompson

Dan Fisher

Aaron Davis



Aaron Davis

Tsai Zhen Shin

Avon Yang